There was a Failure Executing the Receive Pipeline

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am new to BizTalk 2006. I created small project for Xml file trasfer. I 
have build and deployed the project. I have following issues:
1) The schema doesn't not registered in the HAT - When i go to Find Message View in HAT I couldnt see any schema names there. Nothing there. Just empty.

2) I am getting following Error message in the Event Viewer
There was a failure executing the receive pipeline: 
\"Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLReceive\" Source: 
\"Microsoft.BizTalk.Pipeline.Components\" Receive Location: 
\"file path\" Reason: There was an authentication failure. \"The party corresponding to the inbound message cannot be identified\".


Just Set Port Authentication to "NO Authentication As Shown Below" ;

Port Authentication

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