Setting Host throttling on Biztalk Server - Message Publishing - 1 Message Per Minute

Monday, August 8, 2011

In my application, Biztalk receives files through file adapter. Each file has 500 records and I'm using xml disassembler to split them in to records in pipeline.
Now I have a question, if I want to receive ~ one file per minute, in Message Publishing Throttling Settings (For File Adapter Host), to set Minimum number of samples, Sampling window duration (milliseconds), Rate overdrive factor (percent), Maximum throttling delay (milliseconds), should I consider records as samples or files as  samples?
Means, Considering Files as Samples____Minimum number of samples == 1, Sampling window duration (milliseconds) == 60,000, Rate overdrive factor (percent)==100%, Maximum throttling delay (milliseconds) == 300,00,000 or ~8.5 hour.
Or I need to consider Records as sample and put Minimum number of samples == 500 and all other things as shown above.
Thanks, Rik
Hi Rik,
Minimum number of messages BizTalk Server will sample for the Sampling window duration before considering rate-based throttling. If the actual number of samples in a sampling window fall below this value then the samples are discarded and throttling is not applied. This value should be consistent with a rate at which messages can be published under a medium load. For example, if your system is expected to handle 1,000 documents per second under a medium load, then this parameter should be set to 1,000 * Sample window duration in seconds (or more precisely, 1 * Sample window duration (milliseconds)). If the value is set too low, then the system may experience a throttling condition under low load. If the value is set too high, then there may not be enough samples for this technique to be effective.

It is true that it does clarify (make a distiction) frequency (number of documents) and size (number of records). So you will have to test values for having one document per minute i.e. 1 document per minute that results in publishing 500 records, so I would say you assumption is correct (Records as sample and put Minimum number of samples == 500). Still I would test it first.

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