Moving 32-bit Biztalk Applications to 64 -nit Environiment

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Q: Hi,

I have a Biztalk Application developed in a 32 bit OS and a 32 bit BizTalk server 2009 .Now my client wants to upgrade the OS and BizTalk Server to 64 bit, is it possible that my old application written in to work in 32 bit environment, work fine in a 64 bit OS and BizTalk Server(2009) ? I have tried to find answers to these myself, but they are not 100% sure. Are there any restrictions in doing so ? Any help is appreciated.

From a development perspective, ensure that all of your assemblies are compiled to MSIL (Platform Target 'Any CPU' in Visual Studio), that way they are architecture independent - when they are run for the first time, the .Net JIT compiler will compile them down to the correct base architecture for execution; there will be a short time-delay while this occurs, but it will only happen the first time the assembly is executed. For reference see this thread.
You could still run your host instances as 32-bit hosts on a 64-bit installation.
Here is 32 and 64 bit support adapter's link


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