Tuesday, July 19, 2011
I followed this hands-on for storind data into database http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa560708%28BTS.20%29.aspx ,in that last step my result is not stored in result folder and even the datas were not updated in database.I dont know why?
i have viewed the error in biztalk administrator console i cleared some error but couldnt clear the folloeing error alone 
"The receive location "Report Receiver" with URL "SQL://localhost/BTS2004_SQL_Adapter_Loans/Report" is shutting down. Details:"The error threshold has been exceeded. The receive location is shutting down.".
When i try to configure the connection string it says the local cached version of the  biztalk server  group is out of date and you must refresh the biztalk group for further changes.
But after i refreshed also i couldnt change the connection string for receive locations.

I just experienced the same problem & only removing the rows from bt_mapspec solved the issue.
But looking back at the reason behind the issue..
here is the background.
I have a map deployed with schema1 to schema2.
now , I have introduced schema3 & changed the map from schema3 to schema2.
redeployed map alone ,without deploying the schema3 (aahh.. the schema3 was in a seperate project & accidentally missed to deploy before the map).
There goes the error.. the map is not deployed in BTS console,but the rows are inserted in bt_mapspec table !!!!
Since , the schema3 , which is used by map is not found , it was giving error and not allowing any of the application to do anything from BTS Admin console..!!! Y ??
temp folder ,to clean a computer with spyware attacked
the problem is only with specific application ,but y was it not letting me do anything with any other application ? Strange.Blocker.
Finally , I removed the rows as i said & thats it . It reminded me the steps to remove registry entries & 
Please use BizTalk 2010 Cumulative Update 1 (CU1) where we prevent this from occurring.

I recommend not deleting rows from the BizTalk tables. This problem happens when the BizTalk admin console is open and you have expanded a BizTalk application. When you deploy over top of the BizTalk application that is open, the admin console realizes that what is on screen is out of date. Leonid is right - refreshing the view or restarting the admin console works for me when I get this error.
Try Refreshing Group using F5

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