Configuring Biz Talk 2010 on Multiple Servers

Friday, July 8, 2011
Do we create the same hosts on server2?

Ans: You need to create only the host instance on both the machine and for any particular host you can create only one instance on a server in the BizTalk group.

Do we install BizTalk applications on both servers?

Ans: You need to import MSI for the application only once and can use any of the server for this but You need to install the MSI on all the server in your environment.

How should we deal with concurrency issues when polling a database? What if the same app on different servers poll the database at the same time?

Ans: If you are using the WCF based adapter then you can use Isolation Level along with postpollstatement to manage the issues with concurrency. Otherwise you need to use the locks in the SP to manage these issues.

Do we need to take special precautions for apps using ordered delivery?

Ans: You may refers to this link to know more about the points you need to consider for order delivery.

Can some of the issues be mitigated by running the app on server1 and disabling it on server2?

Ans: What kind of issues you are considering the only thing that you need to run in this mode is few receive location(e.g. the one using FTP) if you don't want to cluster you hosts. For details refer to this link.

Any other advice you can give based on your experience so that we would not shoot ourselves in the foot?

Ans: Refer to these best practice guidelines.

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