File Batching

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am getting csv file from the vendor which contained multiple records
We have unique RecordID but don’t have any uniqueID which represent batch in  file.
I am de batching all records on the basis of recordID as single file and sending each one as request to the WCF Service and getting separate response which contains RecordID and other field.
Now customer want all same records which came originally from vendor in file should batched together and send back to the vendor.
Can someone pls. help me without BatchID how I can Aggregate/batch all original records response together and send back to the vendor in BizTalk.
Note : I am able to de batch and getting response successfully but not able to batch them.

You should be able to correlate on BTS.CorrelationID.  You can then build a sequential convoy with this using BTS.InterchangeID as the correlation set data.  You can use a loop to receive the messages.

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