Configuring SAP LOB Adapter Reciving / Sending Idocs from SAP to BizTalk

Friday, January 13, 2012

Receiving IDOCS from SAP

Before we do anything, there is an adapter gotcha we have to fix.  The SAP WCF Adapter needs an assembly which contains the SAP Property Schema for the idoc header. This is a standard assembly from Microsoft and you can find it in <sap wcf install path>\
Next step is to create a Receive Port and Receive Location ..
Change the bindings to this..
add user and password
verify the final URI (connection string)
Start the receive location and wait for the SAP Guys to send a idoc. Make sure you have tracking turned on and verify the receipt of the IDOC using HAT and also keep an eye on the application log for errors.  This took me a little while to get running as the receive location connects up to the Gateway and authenticates so its your first real test of the user account settings.

Troubleshooting Checklist

Make sure you have done all of these things …!
1. Got a valid user account to connect to SAP (the receive location will disable itself if this is incorrect)
2. Added the Biztalk Property Schema adapter resource to your BizTalk application (or reference another application with the resource)
3. Enabled access through any firewalls on ports 32<XX> to the SAP Server (uses standard client access ports)
4. Ensured the SAP team hae set up and registered a valid program ID on the SAP Gateway and pointed their RFC location to this. (the receive location will disable itself if this is incorrect)
5. Check your URI!
The minimum you need is this;
SAP//Client=    (leave blank for dynamic)
lang=EN (optional)
A/{ip address or name here}/00
ListenerGWHost={ip address or name}
ListenerGWServer={name usually sapgw00 but if multiple SAP instances then may be different}
ListenerProgramId={the registered program ID}
Hope this helps, for me this part took a while as we had many different instances to connect to and lots of firewalls to deal with.
There are Microsoft resources here also that have more details …

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