Dynamic Pipeline For BizTalk Tool To Create Pipeline Using XML in BizTalk

Friday, September 30, 2011
Dynamic Pipeline For BizTalk 
This Tool  Adds/Removes Pipeline components Dynamically
I happened to come Across this tool in Code Plex

Project Description
This tool/pipeline will help in Adding/Removing Pipeline components to the existing solution dynamically.

This tool/pipeline does not require you to Redeploy the application or Restart the Host Instance (*-Please see the limitations in the Documentation) if you need to add a Pipeline component.

Pipeline components can be Added/Removed by editing an XML file.

Please refer the detailed Documentation (available in the downloaded zip file) for more details.
  • This is Tested in BizTalk Server 2010. However it works for Other BizTalk Server versions too

Hope This Helps Some One !!...

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