PSSDIAGForBizTalk Error enumerating virtual servers

Thursday, March 17, 2011



When running PSSDiagForBizTalk in a BizTalk cluster which is
not SQL cluster(no SQL server resource in the cluster), the following error is

2011/02/25 15:14:35.48 PSSDIAG Error enumerating virtual
servers. Is your SQL Server instance clustered?

2011/02/25 15:14:35.48 PSSDIAG Error retrieving servers from
the configuration file. Aborting. Please see Microsoft Knowledge
Base article 906532 for more information



PSSDiagForBizTalk tool tries to retrieve the SQL server
cluster resource from the BizTalk cluster and it fails with the above error.



Open pssdiag.ini, change the section [.] to
[BizTalk_Machine_NetBios_Name]. For example, one node of the BizTalk cluster
netbios name is birdgun, the section could be changed to [birdgun] when run the
tool on this node. This makes the tool skips the steps to enumerate the cluster
resources and continue to run.

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