Advanced Users Biztalk WIKI : Useful How to Links Part -1

Monday, June 4, 2012
 Useful How to Links Part -1

Restful .Net : MSDN Book Link

Rest Service Tutorial - Code Project

Microsoft Biztalk server 2010  Pre Configured  on Windows Server with Sql Server 2008 R2

Biztalk Server Technet Wiki Documentation by Microsoft Developer Community

FTP Server File Rename Command script
 RNFR %FileReceivedFileName%, RNTO Newfilename

Generating Proxies from WSDL Web Service using wsdl.exe in .Net 2.0
Wsdl /language:language  /protocol:protocol /namespace:myNameSpace /out:filename /username:username /password:password /domain:domain <url or path>
Equivalent Action : Visual Studio --> Add Web Reference

Generating WCF Proxy from Asmx / Wsdl Web Service
svcutil.exe [/t:code]  <metadataDocumentPath>* | <url>* | <epr>
Equivalent Action :Visual Studio --> Add Service Reference

Funtoid Detailed Reference

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